TRUTH QUOTE: “One of the saddest commentaries regarding humanity is that the simple sin of ingratitude will separate most people from GOD in eternity. We owe our very existence and life to Him. The very breathe in our lungs comes from Him. But in our culture the thought of expressing gratitude to GOD is alien – much less the practice of actual worship. Instead we declare – as if we have scoured every inch of the universe and reality – “There is no GOD! He does not exist!” And our very existence echoes back, “Who are you oh Man? You are not your own.”

TRUTH QUOTE: “GOD thinks, therefore I am.”

BEAUTY QUOTE: The Gospel is not a contract or a series of laws. At its core it is a love story. The King of Kings left His throne and laid down His life to rescue His bride. It’s that simple.”

TRUTH QUOTE:  A mature Christian mind… is a mind that has formed the habit of being focused on God constantly throughout the day. It is a mind preoccupied with God and directed regularly toward Him in prayer and meditation. (Ps 16:8; Is 26:3; Lk 18:1; Rm 12:12; 1 Th 5:16-18) – JP Moreland

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