What Is the Gospel?

You’ll hear  Christians speak of the “Gospel of Christ.”  That word “gospel” has taken up several meanings in our day.  When we hear that word, most of the time we conjure up images of fiery evangelists preaching fire and brimstone sermons at an animated audience.  We imagine a preacher with a southern accent shouting words like, “heaven and […]

How We Know the Bible Is True

Okay, this is going to be a tough one.  How does one quickly and concisely make the case for the veracity of the Bible – The holy Scriptures?  It won’t be easy, but I’ll give it a shot.  Here’s what we do know: Historical analysis has proven that – in the original languages – the […]

Being in Love With Jesus

Have you noticed  that when you fall in love all your problems go away?  One day your boss is a jerk, your car is useless, and your stressed out about being broke all the time.  Then, you meet him or her.  The one.  Your very soul mate.  And everything changes. The next day your boss […]

The Story of the Football Fish

Once upon a time there was a Football Fish that lived on the bottom of the Ocean – the Marianas Trench to be exact.  One night he had a dream.  In that dream an eagle came to him to tell him of a far away place. “Where I come from,” said the eagle “there is […]

The God of Five Senses

If evolution is true that means our five senses are simply random.  While they developed to adapt to our environment they do a very poor job of sensing all there is.  There is so much of reality that we don’t see, hear, smell, taste or feel.  So how can we trust these random puny senses […]

Something From Nothing?

I guess now certain someones are claiming “something can come from nothing.”  For ages the Christian argument for “God as The Necessary Being” rested in the simple concept that “out of nothing comes nothing.” The argument looks something like this: In the natural world Out of nothing comes nothing. So if there ever was a […]

Jesus says Come with Me

Jesus says… “Come with me to a place of wonder and mystery A place where tears are forever banished. Only allowed to enter when chaperoned by laughter joy, and inexhaustible bliss Come with me to a place where the hand of My Father has paused from spinning galaxies, measuring suns, and forming planets to be […]

Fixing a Broken Universe

I hear a lot of non-Christians say something along the lines of, “Why do I have to believe in Jesus to go to Heaven?  You mean the only thing that sends someone to hell is not believing in Jesus?  And then most typical Christians answer, “Well, yes!”  And, I hate that!  While technically true, kind of, at it’s […]

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